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Amid the current pandemic COVID-19, we at Jao Tim KL have made the decision to temporarily cease operations to help break the chain of infection in support of the current MCO. Yes, the decision we made is definitely difficult as we do miss serving our lovely customers but we feel that this must be done as we value health and the future of humanity above all.

As you may already know, Jao Tim KL also runs as a live music venue for Jazz Jam Sessions & Jazz Nights. We’d like to continue serving you and keeping the music scene a-LIVE!

The show must go on! We’ve taken the liberty to gather musician(s) to go live on our Instagram & Facebook @jaotimkl.

Musicians and live performance venues rely heavily on shows for income. Thus, we have setup a fund for musicians and live performance venues to help weather the storm during these tough times. Go to www.jaotim.com to make your donations 

To humanity ❤️